For All You Aspiring Screenwriters Out There: All The Scripts You Could Want

This is a great site I just got turned on to by Camden Carr over at Cine-a-Craze:


How do most veteran screenwriters respond when asked how someone can become a better writer? Usually by stating the obvious: write often and read a lot.That said, we exist so that burgeoning screenwriters and filmmakers everywhere have a free resource that provides them with the highest quality screenplays available on the internet. That’s a bold statement, you say? Well, that’s because this site is about quality and not quantity. We want screenplays that look like screenplays. Why? Because we write screenplays. Because we study screenplays. Because we know what a properly formatted screenplay should look like, and John Boy’s 352 page digitally converted script in 32 pt. Arial Bold isn’t it. That’s why we only provide PDF formatted scripts, because they represent the most accurate representation of a tangible script, which we feel is crucial when studying the craft of screenwriting where so much emphasis is placed on structure and page count.

Every script available on this site has been double-checked to ensure quality, stripped of extraneous non-essential information, and file sizes have been reduced when possible.

The site covers a whole lot, so get to reading!


4 thoughts on “For All You Aspiring Screenwriters Out There: All The Scripts You Could Want

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      What browser? I have several things running that use AJAX and redraws. It isn’t doing it on my machine or any other in the house (1 mac, 1 XP, 1 Linux), all running Firefox.

  1. john

    Everything works ok for me too. Regarding that website, quality is what matters most these days. People are seeking high quality content everywhere. Without great quality you can’t last these days.


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