Weekly Updates for May 21, 2011: #SyFail Campaign Gains Steam, #SaveSGU Fights the Power, and #Rapture Doesn’t Do Anything

SyFailTop of the evening, Faithful Readers! I know, I know, I’ve been bad about posting, but I assure you I have been very productive on other fronts. I have been getting setup to start self-publishing my work, I’ve been preparing for a new look, format, and vision for the Social Medial Philosophy Project, and (as ever) I have taken a job for the Lovecraft eZine consulting on web development, SEO, and SMM. I swear, every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in! But I guess it’s inevitable…code is in my blood, and as my readers can attest, the online world and coding edge their way into my work all the time.

But enough about me…

#SyFail Tops 1,100 Fans

As of the time of writing this, the Syfail community on Facebook has gained 1,148 followers. A search for #SyFail produces a page of results. Their general activity seems focused on the cancellations in general, rather than about any specific show. Their info panel doesn’t say much, but be sure I will be following them in the days to come (and following them on Twitter at @SyFail ). And to continue the theme…

#SaveSGU Fights the Power!

At time of writing, the Save Stargate Universe has 44,979 fans. Posts all over the net and twitter searches show that Stargate fans are upset and not willing to stand down. The fact that, for the first time in well over a decade, the Stargate franchise as a whole is over has also brought together fans trying to make sure the franchise stays alive at all: the Save Stargate currently has over a thousand fans and is gaining ground daily. @SaveSGU has over 2600 followers and is going strong. And the question remains: Will Syfy listen?

And finally…

#Rapture Doesn’t Do Anything

It’s not like those of us with half-a-brain in their head thought anything else would happen, but it’s still, apparently, news. Twitter has lit up with #Rapture all day, and people have been very busy announcing that they are, in fact, still here. It’s quite mystifying, in my opinion. Have we, as a generation and a world, become so starved for something to do (and so jaded by irony) that we spend a nice Saturday afternoon paying a whole lot of attention to something that isn’t happening and that almost no one thinks will happen?

And now, Hitler reacts to the cancellation of SGU:


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