Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate Facebook Pages Hacked!

Faithful Readers, I have sad news to report. For any of you who haven’t noticed yet, the movement’s Facebook pages have been hacked and Dean and all of the admins have been banned.

SaveSGU hacked!The Save Stargate page has also been hacked.

Save Stargate Hacked!
Now, is there any way of saying who did this, especially in light of the recent Forbes article with the interview with our Fearless Leader? No, sadly there is not. If anyone can be connected to the hack by Facebook, there may be some action, but the motivations of the hacker will most likely never come to light. The suggestion has been put forth that Syfy may have hired a hacker or have a hacker among their ranks who got tired of us and used this method to try to take us down. It is likely that even if that is true, we will never know.

What you can do at this point is go to this page on Facebook and fill out the report:

Facebook Report Page
Until the page is returned to its rightful owners, please do not click any links on the page (you can post things, just don’t click any links). I will post again when control of the pages has been returned and let you know when it is safe to use these resources again.

The Forbes article was a huge win, and even though this is a sad day because of the hacks, don’t lose heart and get discouraged. We have 55,000 people behind this effort…the actions of one script-kiddy with too much time on his hands (or a malicious hacker fulfilling the will of a corporation) can’t take that away from us. Once the pages are ours again, let’s show we aren’t discouraged by posting even more, by blogging even more, and sharing even more. They hit us, we’ve gotta hit back, twice as hard, in our own way. Just think, Faithful Readers and fans of Stargate…what would Colonel Young do? What would Doctor Rush or Eli do? Hell, screw that…what would Jack O’Neill do!? They’d get the job done. They’d fulfill the mission, no matter what. They’d do whatever it takes.

Can we do any less?

5 thoughts on “Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate Facebook Pages Hacked!

  1. Karen

    Sounds like a conspiracy to me, got my report sent, so lets hope that something can be done and Dean can get his rights back to the page!

  2. Bell

    That sucks. SGU was a great sf show – the one with the most relatable characters and best writing, in fact.

    Whoever did this is one nasty individual. (I cycled through a number of crude epithets, then decided profanity would add nothing to the contempt the hacker, or hackers, bring out in me.)

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      It seems that it was two people. Fearless Leader has still been posting to his own fan page with instructions for reporting the situation, etc. Unfortunately, Facebook seems to be doing nothing.

  3. Suzy Phillips

    Neal, thanks for the article about our Save SGU and Save Stargate sites. While Facebook is still not responding as we would like, we still have hope. Several new Save Stargate pages have popped up, and the new home for the Save SGU movement is We are STILL working on getting our pages back, and have been emboldened by several articles revealing what others have done to get their pages back. Bombarding Facebook with complaints, requests, showing your displeasure, and contacting any and all media outlets seems to be the way to go. So Save Stargate Universe warriors, go forth and let Facebook know that SyFy could not shut us up- and neither will Facebook!
    Suzy Phillips
    Save SGU and Save Stargate Admin


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