Save Stargate Universe Pages Returned…Now We Must Push Harder Than Ever!


Dr. Rush wants you to Save Stargate Universe!

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At long last and after almost a week, the Facebook pages of the Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate campaigns have been returned to their rightful owner and all has been restored to its rightful place. As always, I would like to thank you, Faithful Reader, in all of your incarnations, for helping to bring attention to a problem in Facebook’s security. However, this attack on the campaigns could not have come at a worse time…the pages were stolen, admins banned, and their walls were filled with spam mere hours after the Forbes interview with our Fearless Leader, The Dude Dean. Needless to say, this doesn’t exactly present us in the best light, and between that and our frenzied tweets and messages about how the pages had been hacked, I am sure many people who would have joined our ranks were instead turned off to our cause forever.


What does that mean for us, cats and kittens? It means we have to bust our asses now that the pages are back under our control. It means we have to be blogging, tweeting, stumbling, digging, redditing, and every-other-social-media-verbing our way across the internet. It means we have to get the word out twice as hard.

Now, I know I have asked this of you before. It’s got to seem like every week I’m flogging you on to new heights and have some new reason why we have to push harder. And that’s true. I am. I do. If Dean’s our Fearless Leader, you can consider me your Friendly Drill Sergeant. I am not here to cajole you, and I am not here to stroke your heads softly and tell you everything is going to be okay. I am here to push you to be harder and make you better than you have ever been. I am not here to make you happy, I am here to make you excellent. I am here to make you the best damn internet army that ever tried to bring back a show. And why am I doing this, you ask?

Because from how it looks on the ground we’re losing.

The sets have been torn down. The props are being sold off. The actors, writers, etc. are moving on to other projects. Can all of these things be undone? Of course. What money makes it can unmake and make anew. But we have to give them a reason. We have to make them realize there is still money to be made in Stargate.

Because if we don’t the whole damned franchise is over.

In light of that, I have to ask all of your, my Faithful Readers, to push and push and push some more. If there is anyone, and I mean anyone, you haven’t tried to get to join, you need to talk to them. Comb your friends lists, tweet until the API runs dry, and share the pages on every site you can find. Push, my Faithful Readers…or soon there will be nothing to push for.

3 thoughts on “Save Stargate Universe Pages Returned…Now We Must Push Harder Than Ever!

  1. Suzy Phillips

    Excellent article Neal! And he is 100% correct. We over at Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate still need your help! We need you to do exactly what Neal said and blog, post, tweet, Digg, Stumble, whatever you can think of to help us move forward. We have gotten through one of our hardest times with YOUR HELP! That should prove to you that we can and WILL do this! Good Work Stargate ARMY!
    Save SGU

  2. Karen

    It’s great to get the pages back, now we can all continue with our fight to give the show it’s rightful place, on our TV screens 😉

  3. Justin Zimmer

    Fantastic! And here I thought the original SaveSGU page was a lost cause, lost in facebook’s apathy! Onward then!


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