Did you have a Powerplay Subscription with Hollywood Video? Get ready to get screwed by collection agencies..

Today my wife and I received a letter from a collection agency. They informed us that we owed over $100 for games rented from Hollywood Video before they went out of business. The games listed were rented under Hollywood Video’s Powerplay Diamond Plan, where they charged each month for unlimited rentals. Here’s the flyer:

Pretty good deal, right? Except for the part where they try to screw you for the rentals after they go out of business. My wife and I are challenging this, but of course it probably doesn’t matter. Yet again, some corporation lies and we pay the price.

8 thoughts on “Did you have a Powerplay Subscription with Hollywood Video? Get ready to get screwed by collection agencies..

  1. Wilfredo Hollenberg

    Wow that’s crazy…I had friends have issues with netflix, redbox, and blockbuster…and local video stores too…I wonder what the deal is??

  2. yesenia Garibay

    I just a got a collection letter stating past due amounts. We as well had the power play plan, i am in the process of disputing this collection. It is rediculous

  3. Kim

    I too, just received a bill for $227! I had the diamond powerplay plan. Joseph, the agent for the collections agency tried to tell me they offered no such plan. He tried to say the only powerplay plan offered did NOT include video game rentals nor new release titles! What a rip off…an oral dispute has already been filed…This is absolutely in sane. When I asked for Joseph to provide me with the plan information of what was covered and why my rentals were not, he told me I received a pamplet when I agreed to the plan. Well, since that was 2009 and they have since gone out of business, why would I still have the pamphlet? When I asked why before Hollywood Video claimed bankruptcy was I never made aware of this debt (because it didn’t actually exist) he had no answer! Class action lawsuit??

    1. Neal Jansons Post author

      Just point “Joseph” to this post. Unfortunately for them, my wife and I keep everything…anxiety disorders and obsessive disorder pays off sometimes. We reported them to pretty much every authority in existence. I don’t have the financial resources to get a class action suit going (if you want me to, contact your nearest publishers of fine horror and tell them about me and how they should offer me a sweet, multi-book contract…I swear to spend my advance screwing these people), but if you start one, my wife and I will join in.

      And thanks for the post. Refer anyone else who are being affected by this sheer deception and abuse of the system to this post, and the graphic that details the plans. We are not going to let them screw us.

  4. Tiffany

    Goodness…seems as if its my turn. I just got a collections notice for dvds and games that were rented while under the Diamond Powerplay Plan. The charges are from February, March, and December of 2009!

    Looks like they are about to get another challenge. Has anyone seen this collection attempt removed?

  5. Crystal

    Thank you for this post. If you can believe this I just got a collection letter for late fees date March 2012. The collection date date back in Jan and Feb 0f 2010. What steams me, is that I too was a powerplay member, and they still owe me money. I about 50 points save up and they continued to take money out of my account after the stores closed. I figure they owe me about 100.00, but I did not sent them to a collection agency. I just let it go…Well, I will be disputing this!!!!

  6. DT

    Same thing happened to me. I certainly am not going to pay this because I too had the diamond power play plan. Looking online it appears Universal Fidelity is running some kind of scam.


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