Thievin poser filmmaker Arya Ghavamian

Arya Ghavamian Plagiarized Film by M dot Strange

One of the most fucked up things I’ve heard in a while: Arya Ghavamian (not linking to content thieves, use Google)–ostensibly a filmmaker, although one must wonder what HE has actually created, given everything that has come out–has plagiarized the film “Heart String Marionette“, one of M dot Strange‘s bizarre and amazing creations. He made a few edits, ripped out and replaced dialogue and audio, and then claimed it as his own, going so far as to submit it to film festivals such as local event Cinequest…which is located in M dot’s own stomping grounds.

Cinequest will instead be showing “Heart String Marionette” (if I could get over there from Santa Rosa easily I would go just to see it on the big screen), but that doesn’t change the fact that this thief has attempted to opportunistically steal credit for the work of one of the most interesting and creative minds I have run into.

To M dot: I’m sorry this has happened to you, man. Keep the faith, been enjoying watching your gamedev vids.

To Arya Ghavamian: I hope that you learn from this, but I also hope that this never dies down and your reputation is eternally stained, marking you as a plagiarist and thief of creative work.

You can find out more by reading M dot Strange’s post on his studio’s main blog. You can learn more about M dot and his work on his About page, and you can watch Heart String Marionette in it’s entirety here. Please consider supporting his work, and please consider supporting the work of independent artists like him (and myself)…drama like this is only skimming the surface of the bullshit we have to put up with just to do our thing.

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