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Horror Icon Jason Voorhees

Mortal Kombat X Jason DLC Fix for PS4

A lot of people seem to be having problems using the new Jason and Horror Pack DLC for Mortal Kombat X. I ran across the fix here, but their site seems to be down, so I decided I would help out the community.

  1. Make sure that you already purchased the MKX Kombat Pack in the Playstation Store and that it is downloaded. If you need to make sure, do a search for “Kombat Pack” and you should be able to select and manually download the Jason, Horror Pack, and Samurai Pack DLC from there. You can also confirm they are correctly installed within the game, by going to the in-game store and tabbing around (using R1 and L1) until you see the appropriate DLC, selecting it, and hitting X. It should show that it is downloaded and installed.
  2. Make sure the Netflix app is also installed. It should be listed under “TV & Video”.
  3. Start Mortal Kombat X and start a single-player fight with any character.
  4. While the fight is loading, hit the PS button, and then start Neflix. It will tell you this will quit out of MKX and ask for confirmation. Hit okay.
  5. Let Neflix load for a few seconds, then hit the PS button again and go back into Mortal Kombat X. It should not have stopped playing yet.
  6. Hit “options”, back out of the single-player fight to the character-select screen, and Jason should be right there, all the way at the left.
  7. Select him and play. He’s AWESOME!

Again, all props to¬† for making this knowledge available…good luck with your database issues.

Enjoy the game! My PSN tag is thePuck77…hit me up and we can play some matches.