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The Universe Doesn’t Exist

The Big Crunch. The vertical axis can be consi...

The Big Crunch. The vertical axis can be considered as either plus or minus time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


1. The universe is currently considered to be bounded but infinite in time and space… while it has a particular boundary at any given moment, it will just keep going, expanding in space and time, like we are inside a giant basketball, forever inflating.

2. However, the amount of usable energy, which is what’s needed to maintain the coherence of matter as well as its content, is finite.

3. Any finite number divided by an infinite number will tend infinitely close to zero.

Therefore, the universe does not actually exist, and once it achieves a specific extension in space and time, the energy required to maintain such structures will become exhausted. This will not necessarily involve a “big crunch” in the sense of gravity pulling all matter together; the real “big crunch” would be as there was less energy to maintain the structures of reality.

So when your socks vanish forever, consider that they may have just winked out of existence and you may be next. That person you ran into downtown who knew you, but of whom you had no memory? Could have been from a different timeline that collapsed into our own because there wasn’t enough energy to maintain it. Or your timeline could have collap

Reality is as frightening as anything I’ve read or written.