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Cast Your Vote For Stargate Universe!

Dr. Rush wants you to Save Stargate Universe

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The Constellation Awards are open for votes, and some of our favorite people and shows are up for four out of nine awards. Not only do we get Stargate Universe, we get Sanctuary, Dr. Who, Chuck, Tron Legacy, and other hot science-fiction from the last year. What are the Constellation Awards, you ask?

The Constellation Awards are Canada’s annual science fiction awards focused on rewarding excellence in science fiction film and television. Now in its fifth year, The Constellation Awards celebrate and honour the actors, writers, and technical artists behind the best of today’s science fiction film and TV works – with an added focus on Canadian contributions to science fiction film and television. The Constellation Awards are also the only Canadian science fiction film and TV awards where YOU, the Canadian viewing public, get to select the nominees and winners in all categories.

That’s right, they’re Canadians and only Canadians can vote (and people who have worked for the TCON Promotional Society), but I’m sure we have at least a few canucks out there (no, really…I have a traffic analysis with a little map and everything). There is also a voting fee of five dollars. I know, lame, but they make a good point here:

The voting fee is in place to help pay for the costs of the awards, including paying for the trophies, the MCs, promotions, and various other related costs. If we did not charge this fee, we would not be able to hold our ceremonies, give the winners trophies, etc. – basically, we would just be a poll. Our fee is in line with other similar awards (e.g. The Aurora Awards charge a similar amount for voting). Also to a degree the voting fee helps dissuade people from voting multiple times. Please note that all money received goes into the awards, not a single member of The Constellation Awards team draws a salary or any other compensation for running these awards.

So those of you who can vote (and can spare five bucks) get over there and do your part. While I understand if you feel you must vote for one of the other entries and not for Stargate Universe actors and writers (there are some awesome shows up there), it will help the overall cause of Save Stargate Universe.


The good people over at the Constellation Awards has corrected our information about who can vote:

That’s not *quite* accurate: Voting is open to Canadians OR any non-Canadians who *are members of* the TCON Promotional Society. TCON is a not-for-profit social club that celebrates science fiction film and television by running events such as the Polaris Science Fiction Convention. Info on membership can be found at http://www.tcon.ca/polaris/modules/content/?id=112 and there are options there for people who want to join the society without attending the convention.

Thanks for the information and thanks for reading!