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Congratulations Andi Irsik, My 100th Facebook Fan! You Win Stuff! Wanna Win Stuff, Too?

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Click here to go to the Neal Jansons fan page on Facebook!

Andi will be receiving a free copy of the soon-to-be-released ebook of my novells “Dreams of Fire and Glass” (which you can read for free at the Lovecraft eZine) and has a chance to win a free signed PRINT copy of my soon-to-be-released collection of short stories and poetry “Our Story Up To Now”.

On that note I would like to remind you that all of my fans on Facebook are automatically entered to win a free signed PRINT copy of each of my works as they are released, and yes, that does include novels. 🙂 You’re automatically entered just by liking my page. It’s as easy as clicking the button over there on your right, so why not do it right now? And while you’re at it, why not follow me on Twitter as well? While people who follow me don’t get automatically entered to win stuff, they do get access to up-to-the minute information on my upcoming publications and new, special contests that I will be running via Twitter only. Besides, you get more of me in your life and, in the end, isn’t that what we all want?

So click those two little links, get a little bit more of me in your life, and win free stuff now!

Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate Facebook Pages Hacked!

Faithful Readers, I have sad news to report. For any of you who haven’t noticed yet, the movement’s Facebook pages have been hacked and Dean and all of the admins have been banned.

SaveSGU hacked!The Save Stargate page has also been hacked.

Save Stargate Hacked!
Now, is there any way of saying who did this, especially in light of the recent Forbes article with the interview with our Fearless Leader? No, sadly there is not. If anyone can be connected to the hack by Facebook, there may be some action, but the motivations of the hacker will most likely never come to light. The suggestion has been put forth that Syfy may have hired a hacker or have a hacker among their ranks who got tired of us and used this method to try to take us down. It is likely that even if that is true, we will never know.

What you can do at this point is go to this page on Facebook and fill out the report:

Facebook Report Page
Until the page is returned to its rightful owners, please do not click any links on the page (you can post things, just don’t click any links). I will post again when control of the pages has been returned and let you know when it is safe to use these resources again.

The Forbes article was a huge win, and even though this is a sad day because of the hacks, don’t lose heart and get discouraged. We have 55,000 people behind this effort…the actions of one script-kiddy with too much time on his hands (or a malicious hacker fulfilling the will of a corporation) can’t take that away from us. Once the pages are ours again, let’s show we aren’t discouraged by posting even more, by blogging even more, and sharing even more. They hit us, we’ve gotta hit back, twice as hard, in our own way. Just think, Faithful Readers and fans of Stargate…what would Colonel Young do? What would Doctor Rush or Eli do? Hell, screw that…what would Jack O’Neill do!? They’d get the job done. They’d fulfill the mission, no matter what. They’d do whatever it takes.

Can we do any less?

Is Syfy Trying to Block the Save Stargate Universe Campaign?

Syfail strikes again?

Well, this is interesting. A little bird told me to check out the routing on the various Syfy pages based on nationality…the page for http://syfy.co.uk, for example. Go ahead, go check out the link. It’s a pretty standard page and looks a lot like the US page (with the exception of having several shows running that we do not, but we’ll go into that at another time). Go down to the bottom of the page and take a look at the right-hand side. Social links, right? Now look at the Facebook link. Hover over it so you can see the link destination in your status bar. It should say:


Okay, now that you noted that, go ahead and click it. Where did you end up? Well, if you were logged into Facebook and you are in North America, you are probably at your main feed, with a URL of http://facebook.com/home.php, and if you’re logged out, you should be on the main page, Facebook.com. If you’re not, please let me know in the comments. I would really like to see what is going on here.

Now, there are a few theories as to what is going on here. The most obvious is that Syfy wants their traffic segmented by nationality (or perhaps language), so they redirect attempts to go to other pages. However, this makes little sense, because why would Syfy want to steer its fans to their own feed, or to the Facebook main page?

Another theory is that it is an old redirection, from the days when we could use a lot more HTML on our fan-pages, and that now it’s simply broken due to changes in the Facebook code. I took a look at some of the code from a cached version of the page, but could find nothing particularly special. There are refresh redirects in the page, but they seem to be for the different sections of a given page.

So what’s going on here? Is it just a poorly maintained page? Is Syfy trying to segment its fans into nationalities, but the changes in the FB code are now rendering their efforts moot? Or are they working with Facebook and trying to keep the Save Stargate Universe Campaign, which is a multinational organization,  from flooding their boards? It seems there is little way to know unless some Facebook or Syfy employee will come forward and tell us (hint, hint). There is a mystery afoot, dear readers, and I wish to understand it.

Readers from outside the United States of America, please read this:

If you are from outside the US, we would really like to know if you can reach the main Syfy page:


Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening? I am normally not a conspiracy theorist; I think conspiracies require two things out of people that humans are really bad at: secrecy and working together. However, I note that the result of this is that the entire SaveSGU memberships simply can’t go to either of the main pages. With our numbers at this point (well over 50, 000 members and growing), we could actually raise quite a stink if we want to, and this odd little redirect keeps us from doing so quite effectively.

What do you think? And remember, if you haven’t already, to join SaveSGU on Facebook.


Thanks to the efforts of many of my Faithful Readers and our Fearless Leader, we have nailed down how, exactly, this was done. It appears that locale separation and redirection is built into the depths of the page preferences page:

Country Restrictions for Facebook Pages

This is the culprit.

It also appears that it is very uneven. Canada can get to both pages, while France can’t get to either (that one leaves me scratching my head). So now we know the how, the question remains as to the why. We have roughly 50,000 people on the SaveSGU page, and plenty of them have been involved in slamming the Syfy pages. If they were doing this all along, we would have known it months, or at least weeks, ago. So it seems safe to say this is a newer change, which leads me to ask “why now?”

However, as I have been getting back to in the comments, it doesn’t really matter what the “why” is; whether it is about us or not, the result is the same…our forces are split, and one of our primary modes of being heard has been, if not silenced, at least stifled. My suggestion to our Fearless Leader, as it has been for weeks, is escalation. What form that escalation takes and how you can be involved remains to be seen…stay tuned here, on the Facebook page, and on the SaveSGU tumblog. Please remember to like and reblog posts from these sources (especially the Tumblr site…it needs some love) and, as always, Faithful Readers…thanks for being here and reading!

Ten Steps to Being Everywhere in Social Media

So you want to be everywhere?Social Media Service Logos

I think that to succeed in the social media world, a key concept is social density. I work towards this by constantly looking for new sites and services to maintain a presence on and being active in many different microblogging communities. I also manage to at times have a life and do the writing that pays the bills. I do this by using a few different techniques to streamline my interactions with the virtual world.

Recently I got a comment on this post and realized that it would be helpful to some of my readers to learn how I do this until something better comes along (any venture capitalists reading? :P).

1. Make a profile document

You are going to be entering certain information again and again for awhile. Get used to it, and get used to changing it. You can get a plugin for Firefox called Sxipper that can automate this process and also automate your logins. I very much recommend it.

Make a plain text document (use Notepad) and list the following information:

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Nickname/Username (you won’t always get what you want, be prepared with alternatives)
  4. A single sentence that explains who you are and what you do
  5. A short bio that explains who you are and what you do with no links to your work or other profiles
  6. A slightly longer bio with links to your work or other profiles
  7. An even slightly longer bio that is pretty much your online resume
  8. Address
  9. IM accounts
  10. Main email account
  11. Three interests (separated by commas)
  12. Three musical genres or artists you like (separated by commas)
  13. Three favorite movies (separated by commas)
  14. Three favorite books (separated by commas)
  15. Three to seven tags (simple words or phrases people looking for a person like you might use in a search engine; for example, I commonly use “writer, freelance, social media”) (separated by commas)

2. Make a picture or logo

You will need a pic for many sites. Prepare three versions, one big, one small, one thumbnail.

3. Make accounts pt. 1

Go to the following sites and make accounts:

  1. Friendfeed
  2. Ping.fm
  3. Profilactic

4. Make accounts pt. 2

Go to Friendfeed and look at the different services they have that you can aggregate. Pick at least one site from each of the following categories:

  1. News (if you make just one choose Digg)
  2. Bookmarking (If you make just one choose StumbleUpon)
  3. Microblogging (if you make just one choose Twitter)
  4. Pictures (if you make just one choose Flickr)
  5. Social Profile (if you make just one choose Facebook)
  6. Business Profile (if you make just one choose LinkedIn)
  7. Music (if you make just one choose Last.fm)
  8. Video (if you make just one choose YouTube)
  9. Commenting (if you make just one choose Disqus)

5. Make accounts pt. 3

Go to Ping.fm. and there will be a list of services to which you can post updates. Go find each and every one of them except the blogs and make an account. That’s right. Every single one. Fill them out completely.

6. Aggregate your accounts

Go to your Friendfeed, Profilactic, and Ping.fm accounts and connect up all of your accounts. Make sure to put a feed from all your blogs on the lifestreams.


Download and install:

  1. Adobe Air
  2. SocialAddict
  3. Twhirl

8. Use

Use SocialAddict to connect to Ping.fm. Use it for all normal microblogging. Use Twhirl to connect to your FriendFeed and Twitter accounts. You will then get updates from everyone you follow on both services and be able to interact with each service. Either put your Profilactic badge and lifestream on your blog or point people at them in your profiles so people can see what services you use. (The reason to use Profilactic is because it will aggregate services FriendFeed doesn’t).

9. Network

Use the search function on FriendFreed to find rooms and people you are interested in and follow them. Go to their profiles and add them on whatever you share in common. Some will add you, some will not. Get used to it. Do this at least once a week.

10. Be social!

Now use the service you have accounts with. When you read a post you like, submit it to news sites or vote for them. Peruse the news and bookmarks sites to find things you like and vote for them. Listen to music on your music site and favorite or scrobble or whatever the process is. Favorite your favorite videos. Comment on blogs. Live your online life in this social way. And most importantly, use the microbloggers.

Final words

This guide is tentative. The method is not as clean and easy as I would like, and the technologies and services offered change far too quickly for any guide to be definitive. Nonetheless, this is what I do, and I hope it helps at least the reader who asked the original question.

If you have any tips on further streamlining this process, please share! If you have any other similar questions, ask away and it might lead into a new post like this one!

Good luck and remember to be social!


I was reminded by Pamir of another great service that allows you to aggregate your services and create a dynamic online business card called Retaggr. Even though I have an account with them, I had completely forgotten about how useful it is. See, this why we need to be as social as possible: none of us can know everything or do everything, but working together we can succeed as if we do, and that is all that matters.

Update 2:

It occurs to me that a lot of people would like a Google link for searching for FriendFeed rooms. I got this from Andy Beard here so if you like it, give him some positive feedback.

Thanks for all the great comments and questions, everyone! Keep ’em coming!

Update 3:

Unless you are aching to be on every possible site, you can safely ignore my earlier advice about Profilactic and use FriendFeed for all your lifestreaming services. In the time since I wrote this post, FriendFeed has come leaps and bounds while Profilactic (sadly) has not. Sorry, Profilactic team, but I have to recommend the right tools for the job, and FriendFeed has most assuredly become the best tool.

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