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Is Syfy Trying to Block the Save Stargate Universe Campaign?

Syfail strikes again?

Well, this is interesting. A little bird told me to check out the routing on the various Syfy pages based on nationality…the page for http://syfy.co.uk, for example. Go ahead, go check out the link. It’s a pretty standard page and looks a lot like the US page (with the exception of having several shows running that we do not, but we’ll go into that at another time). Go down to the bottom of the page and take a look at the right-hand side. Social links, right? Now look at the Facebook link. Hover over it so you can see the link destination in your status bar. It should say:


Okay, now that you noted that, go ahead and click it. Where did you end up? Well, if you were logged into Facebook and you are in North America, you are probably at your main feed, with a URL of http://facebook.com/home.php, and if you’re logged out, you should be on the main page, Facebook.com. If you’re not, please let me know in the comments. I would really like to see what is going on here.

Now, there are a few theories as to what is going on here. The most obvious is that Syfy wants their traffic segmented by nationality (or perhaps language), so they redirect attempts to go to other pages. However, this makes little sense, because why would Syfy want to steer its fans to their own feed, or to the Facebook main page?

Another theory is that it is an old redirection, from the days when we could use a lot more HTML on our fan-pages, and that now it’s simply broken due to changes in the Facebook code. I took a look at some of the code from a cached version of the page, but could find nothing particularly special. There are refresh redirects in the page, but they seem to be for the different sections of a given page.

So what’s going on here? Is it just a poorly maintained page? Is Syfy trying to segment its fans into nationalities, but the changes in the FB code are now rendering their efforts moot? Or are they working with Facebook and trying to keep the Save Stargate Universe Campaign, which is a multinational organization, ¬†from flooding their boards? It seems there is little way to know unless some Facebook or Syfy employee will come forward and tell us (hint, hint). There is a mystery afoot, dear readers, and I wish to understand it.

Readers from outside the United States of America, please read this:

If you are from outside the US, we would really like to know if you can reach the main Syfy page:


Does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening? I am normally not a conspiracy theorist; I think conspiracies require two things out of people that humans are really bad at: secrecy and working together. However, I note that the result of this is that the entire SaveSGU memberships simply can’t go to either of the main pages. With our numbers at this point (well over 50, 000 members and growing), we could actually raise quite a stink if we want to, and this odd little redirect keeps us from doing so quite effectively.

What do you think? And remember, if you haven’t already, to join SaveSGU on Facebook.


Thanks to the efforts of many of my Faithful Readers and our Fearless Leader, we have nailed down how, exactly, this was done. It appears that locale separation and redirection is built into the depths of the page preferences page:

Country Restrictions for Facebook Pages

This is the culprit.

It also appears that it is very uneven. Canada can get to both pages, while France can’t get to either (that one leaves me scratching my head). So now we know the how, the question remains as to the why. We have roughly 50,000 people on the SaveSGU page, and plenty of them have been involved in slamming the Syfy pages. If they were doing this all along, we would have known it months, or at least weeks, ago. So it seems safe to say this is a newer change, which leads me to ask “why now?”

However, as I have been getting back to in the comments, it doesn’t really matter what the “why” is; whether it is about us or not, the result is the same…our forces are split, and one of our primary modes of being heard has been, if not silenced, at least stifled. My suggestion to our Fearless Leader, as it has been for weeks, is escalation. What form that escalation takes and how you can be involved remains to be seen…stay tuned here, on the Facebook page, and on the SaveSGU tumblog. Please remember to like and reblog posts from these sources (especially the Tumblr site…it needs some love) and, as always, Faithful Readers…thanks for being here and reading!