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“Plurk” is the new “smurf”!

Plurk SignupI like Plurk.com. I have completely moved to it from Twitter, though I am still on Twitter thanks to Ping.fm. One of the things I have noticed is that, as opposed to twitter’s verb, “tweet”, which has a specific meaning and is used in a practical way, the word “plurk” is becoming the equivalent of “smurf” a fun-to-say, all purpose word that can mean just about any verb or adjective.

I am in favor of this, because it is absurd and I enjoy absurdity.

To that end, I have attempted to collect what I have seen of our new plurktabulous vocabulary:

to plurk – to login and start following your plurks for the day, to post a plurk, to hang out on plurk, and generally spend too much time having conversations on plurk

plurky – good, fun, silly, and all things pertaining to plurk

plurktastic – fantastically plurky

plurktabulous – fabulously plurky

ROFLplurk – a plurk that made you…well, ROFL

deplurk – to close the window and stop following your plurks

drive-by plurking – to quickly plurk once and then deplurk

guilty plurking – plurking when you should be doing something useful

plurking in privates – having a private conversation in plurk, or naughty plurking

morning plurks – a flurry of plurks that come when each timezone wakes up

plurkstorm – a huge amount of plurks on the same subject (new iPhone, anyone?)

attention plurking – talking about how sad, lonely, otherwise emo you are

This was all I was able to come up with at the moment, but I’m sure there are more for others to contribute. Feel free to add me at thePuckPlurks, and have a plurktastic day!