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Andi will be receiving a free copy of the soon-to-be-released ebook of my novells “Dreams of Fire and Glass” (which you can read for free at the Lovecraft eZine) and has a chance to win a free signed PRINT copy of my soon-to-be-released collection of short stories and poetry “Our Story Up To Now”.

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Read “Dreams of Fire and Glass Part 2” for Free at the Lovcraft eZine!

The June issue of the Lovecraft eZine is out, Faithful Readers, and you all know what that means…the conclusion of my newest novella, “Dreams of Fire and Glass“, is available to read for FREE. Remember to read Part 1 first if you’re joining us for the first time.

Also appearing in this issue:

The Case of the Galloway Eidolon, by Bruce DurhamThough closed for the evening, the warm, deep shadows cast by the subdued lighting failed to disguise each victim’s grisly demise. Two had received severe chest wounds, their cotton shirts blood-soaked and torn from multiple swings of some bladed instrument. The third had suffered a more ghastly wound, a crushed cranium; the blow slicing bone and opening the forehead down to the mouth. His glazed eyes stared obscenely in opposite directions.  “Ever see anything like it, Holmes?” Lestrade asked…

The Call of the Dance, by William Meikle“What is it Holmes?” I whispered, but my friend did not answer. The glow from the cylinder intensified. At first I thought Holmes was moving in for a closer look, then I saw he was intent on something on the trestle to one side – a journal of some kind. But as he stepped slowly nearer, so the glow grew brighter. I have seen the aurora in Northern climes, and the light that danced there above us in that workshop reminded me of that. But I was not inspired by the same sense of awe – no, this was more like fear, an animal terror of something unworldly, something far beyond my experience...

Unearthly Awakening, by W.H. PugmireAnd so I have come to you, on this foggy day in Providence, and lured you from your little world among the university lads, and held your hand as we walked past the little park adjacent to the shunned house. And we walked the streets where once Poe trod, and climbed down the steps that led to the winding walkway that took us into this enchanting burying ground…

Darius Roy’s Manic Grin, by Brian BarnettDarius Roy shifted his eyes to Dr. Johansson. Dr. Johansson felt his chest tighten. Something about the mania in Mr. Roy’s red-ringed eyes… Something was different about the man. In all his medical years, Dr. Johansson for the first time sat across from a man who he felt threatened by. He, for once, was happy to see a straight jacket in use. But shame bit at him. It was his duty to cure the man, not fear him…

As always, all story artwork is by mimulux!

Please remember that if you like the Lovecraft eZine to LIKE it on Facebook, follow the creator and editor-in-chief Mike Davis @misanthropemike , and to share it with your friends. This is an amazing new publication producing some of the best in underground cosmic horror…give it the support it deserves!

Read Part 1 of “Dreams of Fire and Glass” For Free!

Dreams of Fire and GlassHello, faithful readers! I have a special treat for you to start your weekend with. Not only do you get the first half of my new novella, “Dreams of Fire and Glass” for free over at the Lovecraft eZine, but four other tales of cosmic horror and the macabre:

All the Gold, by Joseph S. Pulver, is a sequel of sorts to his story in last month’s issue, A Meeting On the Trail to Hot Iron: Lotta men throwing their lives around down there under the snowline. Speaking of death and born and suffering. They drink but don’t cross the distance of a prayer. All they carry bleeding in their eyes…

Dreams of Fire and Glass, by Neal Jansons, is part 1 of 2.  It is longer than the typical story that I publish here, but I was so mesmerized by this tale that I knew I had to share it with my readers, hence the decision to publish it into 2 parts: The name of the game was Fire and Glass, and it was brilliant.  That was the only way to describe it. A massively-multiplayer online role-playing game that would make Warcraft look like Hello Kitty Online. The details provided were flawless and omitted nothing, right down to the placement of the stars. The premise: a world much like our own, with normal people leading normal lives, but melded and interspersed with the world of dreams. Ancient cities of crystal and glass shared space with skyscrapers. Eldritch monsters, long forgotten in the ancestral memories of our earliest mammalian ancestors, stalked the shadows alongside muggers and corrupt policemen. Within this realm, one part noir and two parts myth, players lived a life of wonder, fighting monsters, exploring ancient ruins, discovering bizarre creatures, and living out any fantasy…

O, Lad of Memory and Shadow, by W.H. Pugmire. What can I say about Wilum Pugmire?  I love his writing; it’s so surreal.  Reading his stories is like being in a dream: I crept like a frightened girl on silver-sandalled feet beneath an arc of moonlight, toward the House of Shadows. The street of sorrow on which I crept was as hard and cold as reality, and I was eager to be off it. Finally, I arrived at the porch that would lead me into the infamous dwelling, and so I hopped onto its first step…

Draon Star Lucky Food, by John Medaille.  And speaking of surreal, I know you’ll enjoy John’s story.  It can’t be described, it can only be read: So, honey.  So, I went to that Chinese grocery store, that one you don’t like to go to because you think it smells weird.  It used to be an Alpha-Beta.  I had some time to kill and I’ve always liked things that are exotic and cheap.  I guess I was kind of just loitering around…

Curse the Child, by David J. West, is a story I’m told that made it to the final round of the Historical Lovecraft anthology.  I’m happy to have been given the chance to publish it, and I know you’ll enjoy reading it: Declaring the stars were right, Solomon, Sheba and the boy prepared the invocation of the Outer Gods. The world would be reborn, reorganized in their image. In the garden and vineyards of Gehenna, signs were drawn in blood and glyphs carved into stone and wood. The moon hung overhead uncaring…

So get over to the Lovecraft eZine and take a journey into cosmic horror and remember: if you like what you read, pass it on!

Upcoming: Dreams of Fire and Glass

H.P. LovecraftMy newest novella of the weird and macabre, “Dreams of Fire and Glass” will be appearing in serial form in the May and June issues of the Lovecraft eZine, a wonderful publication that has already showcased the work of such small-press luminaries as W.H. Pugmire, William Meikle, and Simon Kurt Unsworth. I am truly honored to have my work published alongside these writers, and I encourage everyone out there to read their stories in the eZine and to check out their work on Amazon. I was especially impressed with “A Different Morecambe“, a dark little tale of a father out for a drive with his son.

Dreams of Fire and Glass

Young Jason Raene took the coding job with nothing more than a paycheck in mind. But when the game he helped make begins to invade his dreams and waking life, the boundary between fantasy and reality begins to thin…to horrifying consequences.

Read “Dreams of Fire and Glass” soon, exclusively at the Lovecraft Ezine!

Welcome to the all-new version of NealJansons.com!

Neal JansonsHiya, cats and kittens! We are looking into the face of a new spring, and I can tell you one thing…I refuse to blink! While I have had many setbacks over the last few months, I am slowly getting a handle on my health problems (yay, massive amounts of painkillers!) and am determined to get my career back on track.

To that end, the new look of my personal site. This site will serve as the clearinghouse of all things Neal Jansons, from informative blog posts more along the lines of my old sites, WriteNewMedia and thePuckWrites, to news on upcoming publications and work on new projects (plus a few personal rants about the state of the universe as we know it to liven up the mix). I hope the new site meets with your approval.

And speaking of WriteNewMedia/thePuckWrites, all the old archives of those sites are here as well, easily accessible via the top navigation bar. If worst comes to worst and you can’t find an old post, use the search bar on your upper right.

I have also started a fan page on Facebook, so if you get a chance give me a like and post a little something on the wall.

As always, thank you to all my readers and future readers out there. It’s been a bumpy road, but I see better things on the horizon.