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His Name Is Scott Olsen: Marine, Iraq War Vet Put Into Critical Condition By Oakland Police

Yesterday, Occupy Oakland was raided by police twice, first in the early morning, then later in the evening. Rubber bullets, tear gas, and “flashbangs”, concussive grenades, were used against peaceful protesters in a display of what can only be called police state intimidation.

An Iraq vet, a marine named Scott Olsen, was injured by a rubber bullet or possibly a tear-gas cannister in this brutal attack, though the Oakland PD claims they did not use them, and is in critical condition with a cracked skull and brain swelling. When a small group of protesters went to his aid, the police fired a flashbang (again, which they refuse they used, yet can clearly be shown in this video) into the group attempting to help the injured marine.

His name is Scott Olsen. Remember him when you think it’s really not that bad, that it can’t happen here, that because we’re America we just don’t do this sort of thing.

Scott Olsen, US Marine and 2-Tour Iraq Veteran, put in critical condition by the Oakland PD.

His name is Scott Olsen. Remember.