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“Plurk” is the new “smurf”!

Plurk SignupI like Plurk.com. I have completely moved to it from Twitter, though I am still on Twitter thanks to Ping.fm. One of the things I have noticed is that, as opposed to twitter’s verb, “tweet”, which has a specific meaning and is used in a practical way, the word “plurk” is becoming the equivalent of “smurf” a fun-to-say, all purpose word that can mean just about any verb or adjective.

I am in favor of this, because it is absurd and I enjoy absurdity.

To that end, I have attempted to collect what I have seen of our new plurktabulous vocabulary:

to plurk – to login and start following your plurks for the day, to post a plurk, to hang out on plurk, and generally spend too much time having conversations on plurk

plurky – good, fun, silly, and all things pertaining to plurk

plurktastic – fantastically plurky

plurktabulous – fabulously plurky

ROFLplurk – a plurk that made you…well, ROFL

deplurk – to close the window and stop following your plurks

drive-by plurking – to quickly plurk once and then deplurk

guilty plurking – plurking when you should be doing something useful

plurking in privates – having a private conversation in plurk, or naughty plurking

morning plurks – a flurry of plurks that come when each timezone wakes up

plurkstorm – a huge amount of plurks on the same subject (new iPhone, anyone?)

attention plurking – talking about how sad, lonely, otherwise emo you are

This was all I was able to come up with at the moment, but I’m sure there are more for others to contribute. Feel free to add me at thePuckPlurks, and have a plurktastic day!

RIP George Carlin

George Carlin

For those of us who’s humor was a bit more aggressive than is commonly acceptable, Carlin was the man. Others like Dennis Leary came after and Lenny Bruce came before, but they had short but dramatic careers. Carlin kept it going his whole life, doing specials and putting out statements on his website about his views both humorous and serious. And that is the interesting thing…that Carlin’s humor, however bizarre, always had a point.

He wanted us to consider what our ethics really are, in light of our actions, both as people and as nations. He wanted us to consider the importance of language, and how it shows our real intentions. This comedic Derrida was haranguing us right up till the end, and we are better for it. His last few movie roles included Kevin Smith films Jersey Girl and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which I would assert that every human with a sense of humor should watch and enjoy.

I leave you with one of the stumpers Carlin was able to leave us with:

“What if there were no hypothetical questions?”

Requiescat in pace, George. Here’s hoping reincarnation is real and in a few months there will be one more aggressively foul-mouthed genius joining the world.