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Save Stargate Universe Pages Returned…Now We Must Push Harder Than Ever!


Dr. Rush wants you to Save Stargate Universe!

Click Dr. Rush to go to the Save Stargate Universe Page on Facebook!

At long last and after almost a week, the Facebook pages of the Save Stargate Universe and Save Stargate campaigns have been returned to their rightful owner and all has been restored to its rightful place. As always, I would like to thank you, Faithful Reader, in all of your incarnations, for helping to bring attention to a problem in Facebook’s security. However, this attack on the campaigns could not have come at a worse time…the pages were stolen, admins banned, and their walls were filled with spam mere hours after the Forbes interview with our Fearless Leader, The Dude Dean. Needless to say, this doesn’t exactly present us in the best light, and between that and our frenzied tweets and messages about how the pages had been hacked, I am sure many people who would have joined our ranks were instead turned off to our cause forever.


What does that mean for us, cats and kittens? It means we have to bust our asses now that the pages are back under our control. It means we have to be blogging, tweeting, stumbling, digging, redditing, and every-other-social-media-verbing our way across the internet. It means we have to get the word out twice as hard.

Now, I know I have asked this of you before. It’s got to seem like every week I’m flogging you on to new heights and have some new reason why we have to push harder. And that’s true. I am. I do. If Dean’s our Fearless Leader, you can consider me your Friendly Drill Sergeant. I am not here to cajole you, and I am not here to stroke your heads softly and tell you everything is going to be okay. I am here to push you to be harder and make you better than you have ever been. I am not here to make you happy, I am here to make you excellent. I am here to make you the best damn internet army that ever tried to bring back a show. And why am I doing this, you ask?

Because from how it looks on the ground we’re losing.

The sets have been torn down. The props are being sold off. The actors, writers, etc. are moving on to other projects. Can all of these things be undone? Of course. What money makes it can unmake and make anew. But we have to give them a reason. We have to make them realize there is still money to be made in Stargate.

Because if we don’t the whole damned franchise is over.

In light of that, I have to ask all of your, my Faithful Readers, to push and push and push some more. If there is anyone, and I mean anyone, you haven’t tried to get to join, you need to talk to them. Comb your friends lists, tweet until the API runs dry, and share the pages on every site you can find. Push, my Faithful Readers…or soon there will be nothing to push for.

MGM and Syfy Feel the Pain as Fans Call to Save Stargate Universe

MGM has released their [amazon_link id=”B004TJ1H3C” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]full second season of Stargate Universe[/amazon_link], and like many fans I have a hard time bringing myself to call it the “final” season. And like many of the fans who posted to the wall of MGM’s innocent question, I had nothing good to say. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show. Yet, somehow, I knew it was too good to last.

MGM hit by SaveSGU

Click the wall above to go look at the comments. They are pretty telling...these fans want their show back.

I had the same issue with Caprica. It was so full of nuance and power, it had so many layers of character development and plot…and the whole time Caprica was running, my wife and I were wondering how long it would last. And, in my not-so-humble opinion, I think there is something really wrong with a world where the surest sign a show will soon be cancelled is its own excellence.

I know it’s trendy to make fun of everything, to play the cynic about everything and be ironic in even our most cherished experiences. And I am no different, in many ways, than most of my generation. I am cynical, sometimes to a fault. I don’t believe that, in the end, the good, the right, and the true will win. I think there are very few “good guys”. There are definitely “bad guys”, and there seem to be some “better guys”, but the truly good are few and far-between. I didn’t believe Obama would bring us change I could believe in…and he hasn’t. I didn’t believe that Prop. 19 would pass, and I didn’t believe Steve Jobs when he said he was going to start opening up the Apple platform. I don’t believe in karma, the idea that people get what they put out into the world. If that were true, schmucks wouldn’t run Washington and some of the sweetest, most wonderful people I know would catch a break once and a while. I don’t believe in happy endings and triumphant victories. The real world, with all its vicissitudes, just doesn’t work that way, and life is so complex and muddy that even wanting those things could be considered dangerously naive.

But not in science fiction and fantasy. When I watch a truly good show or movie, or let myself sink into a good game or book, I believe. I believe in Superman, and that he will always find a way to save everyone. I believe in Dr. Who, and that sometimes, just sometimes, everybody lives.

And I believe in Stargate and the crew of the Destiny, a ship flung out across space and time to find the very secrets of existence itself.

This is the power of science fiction and fantasy. It can make the most cynical of us weep with hope and joy. That is what is threatened by Syfy’s shift in programming and its ongoing cancellations to make room for things like wrestling and reality television.

Click the wrestlers to join the Save Stargate Universe Group on Facebook!

Click the wrestlers to join the Save Stargate Universe Group on Facebook!

Syfy, back when it was SciFi, seemed to understand this capacity that their programming could have. They stood behind shows and took on flagging shows from other networks. They cultivated their connections within the world of science fiction conventions and had no problem associating themselves with geeks. Things have changed over the years, until we now get quotes like this:

“What we love about this is we hopefully get the best of both worlds,” Mr. Howe said. “We’ll get the heritage and the track record of success, and we’ll build off of that to build a broader, more open and accessible and relatable and human-friendly brand.” -Dave Howe, president of the Sci Fi Channel

“The name Sci Fi has been associated with geeks and dysfunctional, antisocial boys in their basements with video games and stuff like that, as opposed to the general public and the female audience in particular,” – TV historian Tim Brooks, who helped launch Sci Fi Channel when he worked at USA Network.

and there is even an indication that this was the plan the entire time:

“We spent a lot of time in the ’90s trying to distance the network from science fiction, which is largely why it’s called Sci Fi. It’s somewhat cooler and better than the name ‘Science Fiction.’ But even the name Sci Fi is limiting.” -Tim Brooks again

So, with this we see the roots of the @Syfail phenomenon. The network intended to build itself on the fans of science fiction and fantasy, and then “distance the network” once it had the backing and stability to do so.

Click above to join the Syfail group on Facebook!

Click above to join the Syfail group on Facebook!

If this was the plan all along, then this goes far beyond any one show or franchise. This is about the genre as a whole. Because where do the rights for all the old science fiction and fantasy shows end up? Syfy. Who “rescues” shows that are flagging on other networks? Syfy. Who is determined to “own the imagination space”? Syfy.

“We really do want to own the imagination space,” Mr. Howe said. “We want to get the credit for the range of content that we already have on our air and that we’ll be doing more of in the future.”

Now, look at their current lineup. Look at the choices they have been making, the shows they have been backing, and ask yourself this very, very important question: Do you want them to? Do you want them to own your favorite shows, just to “get credit” for them, and then replace them with wrestling? Sanctuary is next. It has moved to Monday…the night shows go to die. What’s next?

And as a final thought, I want to preemptively answer all the people who are going to say they don’t care about Stargate Universe or who want to argue its relative worth in comparison to SG-1 or SG-A…this isn’t just about Stargate. This is about the whole damn “imagination space”, and if we, the fans, don’t defend it, who will?

Thanks to this post for all the quotes.

Weekly Updates for May 21, 2011: #SyFail Campaign Gains Steam, #SaveSGU Fights the Power, and #Rapture Doesn’t Do Anything

SyFailTop of the evening, Faithful Readers! I know, I know, I’ve been bad about posting, but I assure you I have been very productive on other fronts. I have been getting setup to start self-publishing my work, I’ve been preparing for a new look, format, and vision for the Social Medial Philosophy Project, and (as ever) I have taken a job for the Lovecraft eZine consulting on web development, SEO, and SMM. I swear, every time I think I’m out, they pull me back in! But I guess it’s inevitable…code is in my blood, and as my readers can attest, the online world and coding edge their way into my work all the time.

But enough about me…

#SyFail Tops 1,100 Fans

As of the time of writing this, the Syfail community on Facebook has gained 1,148 followers. A search for #SyFail produces a page of results. Their general activity seems focused on the cancellations in general, rather than about any specific show. Their info panel doesn’t say much, but be sure I will be following them in the days to come (and following them on Twitter at @SyFail ). And to continue the theme…

#SaveSGU Fights the Power!

At time of writing, the Save Stargate Universe has 44,979 fans. Posts all over the net and twitter searches show that Stargate fans are upset and not willing to stand down. The fact that, for the first time in well over a decade, the Stargate franchise as a whole is over has also brought together fans trying to make sure the franchise stays alive at all: the Save Stargate currently has over a thousand fans and is gaining ground daily. @SaveSGU has over 2600 followers and is going strong. And the question remains: Will Syfy listen?

And finally…

#Rapture Doesn’t Do Anything

It’s not like those of us with half-a-brain in their head thought anything else would happen, but it’s still, apparently, news. Twitter has lit up with #Rapture all day, and people have been very busy announcing that they are, in fact, still here. It’s quite mystifying, in my opinion. Have we, as a generation and a world, become so starved for something to do (and so jaded by irony) that we spend a nice Saturday afternoon paying a whole lot of attention to something that isn’t happening and that almost no one thinks will happen?

And now, Hitler reacts to the cancellation of SGU: